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Psychic Angel Services

Psychic Angel believes that the angels speak through us and  that the universe provides us with all the happiness. Right from a early age,God blessed me with a unique ,special gift ,to be able to contact loved ones who passed on and bring a positive effect on the lives of others. This brings me great reward.

As life goes by , many of us are faced with crossroads ,not knowing which way to turn, what path to follow ?

Through the love of the Lord , the Angels will help  me to guide you upon the right path, in return ,bringing you peace,comfort and closure on your personal journey.

What will happen during the reading?

We will start with a short prayer, asking God to help us make contact with a loved one. During the time,we focused on our breathing ,meditation,so our body's become relaxed and our  minds free to receive these special messages, through the guidance of our Angels.

To make prompt contact, i ask that you bring an item of the person you wish to contact, such as a peice of jewellery, clothing or any  sentimental item belonging to them.

All this will help to make a successful communication and reading.

Many of us ,not only need answers and comfort from loved ones that have passed on ,but also guidance and some kind of reassurance to help them along life's journey.

So i will then, ask you to lay your hands on the crystal ball.

Your concentration , warmth and energy will enter through the crystal ball, enabling me to give you , some idea of what the future holds.

All i ask,is that when you arrive for your appointment, that you take the 'Psychic Angel Services' seriously, have faith in the Lord and love in your heart. Then your  sure to be blessed with a glorious ,successful reading.

God Bless you





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